Saturday, 24 September 2011


Bowdon is where we live and we really like it in here. 
Bowodn is very closed to Altrincham and it is located on the south west edge of Greater Manchester. It is very closed to the open countryside, including the enchanting Dunham Massey Country Park.

Altrincham is also quite a nice town to live in. It's been a market town since 1290 and I must admit, I love to go to the market every Tuesday morning. You'll find there all sorts of yummy fruits and veg, cheeses, meat... I love it! It feels very local, the traders and very friendly and they are always ready fro a chat.

There are also lots of shops, restaurants, parks, big supermarket chains like Tesco and Sainsbury's... here we have everything  we need.
The metrolink is the one of the best connection to the city but there is also a good combination of busses.
We decided we didn't want to buy a car and we've done quite well till now. It's clear that we can live perfectly without it.

 These photos were taken at Duham Massey.

This is the Mill.

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